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Safety notice for injection molding machine processing
2016-12-3 11:56:26
Whether it is imported or domestic injection molding machine has the following characteristics:
L, injection molding machine fixed assets investment, large scale of production, consumption of raw materials, high labor productivity, a large output value. It is a kind of productive organization form with higher labor efficiency.
2, injection molding machine by mechanical, hydraulic, electrical appliances, and other special components, in accordance with the needs of injection molding processing technology, and organically combined, high degree of automation, each other closely related. Injection molding machine can be 3 24h continuous operation. If the injection molding machine of a component failure, will lead to downtime.
3, injection molding machine, although the operation is simple, the use of small, but the injection molding machine management and maintenance of high technical content, the workload is also large.
The modernization of production 4, injection molding machine, injection molding machine with complex structure, high degree of automation, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical very closely linked, so the injection molding machine failure, even partial failure, will cause the production of injection molding machine.
5, the injection molding machine is fast in strength, high speed, high temperature and high pressure conditions, if the relevant staff lack of knowledge of safe production or operation error, there will be danger of serious personal accidental injury.
6, injection molding production of peripheral equipment, auxiliary materials and tools are more. The face is the injection molding machine, mold and peripheral equipment, high temperature and high pressure clamping, high speed and high voltage safety environment, safety production management work if the injection workshop do not in place, the staff safety awareness is low, a little careless will be prone to accidents, burns bruised body metal, bumps, scratches, fire and electric shock.
In 7, the injection production process of raw materials, packaging materials, raw material, rubber parts, liquefied gas and various sprays are flammable and explosive items, prone to fire.
8, the machine barrel below top needle oil, allowed release agent, anti rust agent, prone to explosion.
9, the machine in the production process do not do the cleaning work inside the machine.
Main risk factors of injection molding machine
1, the main dangerous area of injection molding machine
Injection molding machine is under the conditions of strong, high speed, high temperature, high pressure, the injection mechanism is high pressure, high speed and local high temperature of the machine.
The main risk areas of the injection molding machine are as follows (shown below):
(1) feeding area: this area because of the screw rotation, so do not iron or other foreign body implantation;
(2) cover area: this area as a raw material feed tube heating area, high temperature and electric shock;
(3) the nozzle area: this area is emitted as raw material has high pressure, sputtering risk;
(4) mold area: this area is a high speed and high voltage switch action area, which is very dangerous. In addition, the raw material may also be ejected from the mold surface of the mold, the need to be particularly careful;
(5) mold area: with a strong mechanical action, need to be particularly careful;
(6) locking mechanism: with high speed and strong mechanical action, need to be particularly careful.
2, the main dangerous and harmful factors
1, O mechanical vapour recompression mechanical hazard factor;
The thermal damage factors, O mechanical vapour recompression;
The electrical damage factors, O mechanical vapour recompression;
Fourth, O mechanical vapour recompression of harmful substances;
The o mechanical vapour recompression and environmental factors;
6, O mechanical vapour recompression human unsafe behavior factors.
3, injection molding machine, peripheral equipment, dangerous and harmful factors
1 hot air dryers, O mechanical vapour recompression;
2, O mechanical vapour recompression automatic packing machine;
3, O mechanical vapour recompression (manipulator) automatic fetching machine;
4, plastic crusher o mechanical vapour recompression.
Safety accident of injection molding machine
Due to the strength, high speed, high temperature and high pressure characteristics of the injection molding machine, the safety guarantee of the design is usually high, most of the accidents are caused by the operation fault or the violation of the operating rules. The accidents often happen in the following circumstances:
(1) hand by die pressing;
(2) hand crushed thimble;
(3) for troubleshooting or maintenance needs of human head and arm into the danger zone, but not cut off the power injection molding machine, injection molding machine equipment did not turn off the motor, sudden failure and action, resulting in certain parts of the body integrity was bruised;
(4) high temperature melt;
(5) the fire accident caused by injection machine, crushing, scald, bumps, scratches and other metal.

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