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Plastic injection molding machine basic knowledge which
2016-12-8 10:22:09
The injection molding machine has a complex shape, size precision or with plastic metal is dense, have been widely used in national defense, electronics, automotive, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, education, health and daily life in various fields. Injection molding process for a variety of plastic processing is good, high production capacity, and easy to achieve automation. In today's rapid development of plastic industry, plastic injection molding machine plays an important role both in quantity or variety, thus becoming the fastest growth in plastics machinery, one of the largest number of production model.
Plastic injection molding technology is based on the principle of die casting from the end of twentieth Century and early nineteenth Century, is one of the most commonly used method of plastic processing. The method is applicable to all thermoplastic and partially thermosetting plastics (1/3), which is about the total amount of plastic.
The working principle of injection molding machine, injection molding machine and the working principle of the syringe with similar, it is the use of screw (or piston) thrust, the plasticizing good molten state (i.e. viscous flow) plastic injected into the mold cavity closed good after curing stereotypesmade the process of the products.
Injection molding is a cycle process, each cycle mainly includes: quantitative feeding - melt plastic - pressure injection - mold filling and cooling. Take out the plastic part and then close the mold, for the next cycle.
The structure of the injection molding machine, injection molding machine based on plasticizing is divided into the plunger type injection molding machine and injection molding machine screw machine; transmission mode can be divided into hydraulic, mechanical and hydraulic mechanical (link); according to the operation mode is divided into automatic, semi-automatic and manual injection molding machine.
(1) horizontal injection molding machine: This is the most common type. The mold clamping part and the injection part are in the same horizontal center line, and the mould is opened along the horizontal direction. Its features are: the body is short, easy to operate and maintenance; the center of gravity of the machine is low, the installation is relatively stable; the product can be automatically ped after the use of gravity, easy to realize automatic operation. At present, the injection molding machine on the market more use of this type.
(2) vertical injection molding machine: the mold clamping part and the injection part are in the same vertical center line, and the mold is opened along the vertical direction. Therefore, the area is small, easy to place s, convenient loading and unloading mould, material hopper into the material can be uniformly plasticized. But the product is not easy to fall off the top, must be taken by hand, not easy to achieve automatic operation. The machine should be used for small vertical injection molding machine, injection molding machine is generally used more in the following 60 grams, large and medium should be used.
(3) angle type injection molding machine: the injection direction and die interface in the same plane, it is especially suitable for processing the center does not allow the plane gate mark products. It covers an area of small size than the horizontal injection molding machine, but put into the mold in the mold is easy to fall off. This type of injection molding machine should be used for small machine.
(4) multi mode rotary disc type injection moulding machine: it is a kind of special injection molding machine with multi station operation. This type of injection molding machine and give full play to the plasticizing capacity of the injection device, it can shorten production cycle, improve the machine production capacity, which is especially suitable for large volume in cooling time or by placing the and needs more auxiliary time plastic products, but because the clamping system is huge and complicated, and the clamping force die devices tend to be smaller, so that the injection molding machine in the production of more plastic sole.
General injection molding machine, including injection device, mold clamping device, hydraulic system and electrical control system, etc..

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