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Plastic suction in the application of various industries
2016-12-9 11:11:48
With the development of plastics industry, plastic applications are more widely, the plastic film from the beginning to the present alternative products thick plastic injection molding machine, plastic tray, food from simple electronic tray to the present logistics plastic tray, hardware tools, car flow cooling tower, bathtub, and take the car inward plastic parts, plastic packaging products from the original to become part of the plastic products, plastic plastic products can be said now everywhere... In our life.
The application of plastic suction in various industries is introduced in this paper:
Blister automotive industry:
Automotive interior trim, motorcycle, electric scooter cover, car hood, logistics pallet, tool car shell
Plastic products, food, medical, home appliances industry:
Plastic food tray (egg tray, snack box, cup cover, food tray, etc.) and cosmetic plastic packaging, plastic refrigerator liner, bathtub, electronic tray, door, medical appliances, lamps etc.
The type of mold is usually classified according to the processing object and process, from the industry point of view of the distinctionbetween mainly plastic mold, rubber mold, metal die, metal cold extrusion dies and hot extrusion mould, metal drawing mould, powder metallurgy mold, metal die-casting molds, precision metal casting molds, glass molds, glass steel mould.
The following only on the import of the most common plastic products in the molding process used in different types of mold how to classify, introduce.
The most common method of molding plastic molding and melt is generally divided into two categories: solid phase forming melt molding is the plastic is heated to the melting point, which is in a molten state for molding, molding molding methods mainly belong to this kind of injection molding, compression molding (shrinkage) molding and extrusion molding; extrusion refers to a kind of plastic forming method to keep the solid state in the melting temperature, such as vacuum forming, the production of plastic packaging containers of compressed air molding and blow molding etc.. In addition to the liquid molding, such as casting, slush and dip forming method.
According to the different molding methods, can be divided into plastic mold types corresponding to different process requirements, mainly in injection molding, extrusion molding, compression molding mold, blow mold, plastic mold, high foampolystyrene mold etc..
Plastic injection (plastic) mold
It is thermoplastic plastic products the most universal of a mold used in the production and processing equipment for plastic injection molding is the corresponding plastic injection molding machine, plastic injection machine in the first floor heating cylinder heated melting, and then push in the injection machine screw or plunger, the pouring system of injection the nozzle and mold into the mold cavity plastic molding cooling sclerosis strippingget products. The structure is usuallyforming parts casting direction components introduced institutions regulated system, exhaust system, support components such as components. Material is usually made of plastic mold steel modules, the main material used for carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high speed steel, etc.. Injection molding processing usually apply only to thermoplastics production of varieties of products, with the production of injection molding of plastic products is very wide, from the daily necessities of life to all kinds of complex machinery, electrical appliances, transport and other parts are used injection molding die, it is a kind of plastic processing method most widely used plastic products in the production of.
Plastic mould
Including compression molding and injection molding two types of mold structure. They are mainly used to form a thermosetting plastic mold, the corresponding equipment is pressure forming machine. Compression molding method is based on the characteristics of plastic mould, heating to molding temperature (usually at 103 DEG -180 DEG), then metered by pressure plastic powder into the mold cavity and the feeding room, closed mold, plastic softening in the heat flow, high pressure, after a certain period of time of solid shape, become should the product shape. Pressure injection molding and compression molding different feeding is a separate room, forming die before the first closure plastic feeding indoor completed in a preheated viscous flow, under the pressure of high-speed squeeze into the mold cavity hardening molding. Die are also used for the compression molding some special thermoplastics such as the melting of the hard plastic (such as PTFE) blank (cold press molding), the optical properties of high resin lenses the cellulose nitrate foam minor car steering wheel. The plastic mould is mainly composed of a cavity, a feeding cavity, a guiding mechanism, a launch part and a heating system. Pressure injection mold is widely used in packaging electrical components. Pressure plastic mold manufacturing materials and injection mold is basically the same.
Plastic extrusion die

Is a kind of mold used for molding the production of plastic products for the shape, also called extrusion, widely used for processing pipe, bar, wire, sheet, film, wire and cable, profiles of the coating layer. The corresponding production equipment is plastic extruder, the principle is solid plastic in the heating and rotating screw extruder of melting under the conditions of pressureplastics made the same continuous plastic section and the shape of the die through the specific shape of the die. Its manufacturing materials are carbon structural steel, alloy tool steel, etc., some of the extrusion die in the need to wear resistant components will be inlaid diamond and other wear-resistant materials. The extrusion process is usually only applicable to thermoplastic variety of products, its structure and the injection mold and pressuremold has obvious difference.

Plastic suction mould
A plastic board sheet material forming a mold of some simple plastic products, its principle is to use vacuum molding method or compressed air forming method in the fixed die or punch on the plastic plate, sheet, and paste in the mold cavity on the necessarymolding products in the heating and softening deformation the case, mainly for some daily necessities, food, toy packaging products production. Blister die because of low pressure molding, so the mold material made of aluminum or more non-metallic materials, the structure is simple.
High foamed polystyrene molding mould
Is a kind of mold that can be used to form all kinds of plastic packaging materials with the shape of a variety of plastic materials, which can be made from the raw materials of expandable polystyrene (the beads of polystyrene and the composition of the foaming agent). The principle is to send the polystyrene in the mold through the steam forming, including simple manual mold and hydraulic machine through two types of foam plastic mold, mainly used in the production of industrial products, packaging products. Die manufacturing such materials are cast aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, etc..

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